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From the Mind of Grafman

Conceived, created and maintained by Robert M. Free.

From the Mind of Grafman is a showcase of web projects created by Grafman.

Received C|Net's Best of the Web award for the week of 6/5/96.

C|Net provides internet news, announcements and reviews.

Some quotes from their review:

"You'll be a wizard with the help of Robert "Grafman" Free of Grafman Productions, whose GIF*DOTs give coders an amazing array of fast-loading bullets, blocks, and charts. His trick relies on how browsers scale a GIF: if your page specifies a certain graphic's dimensions, then the GIF can be one pixel--only 35 bytes. It will look like a block when rendered onscreen. Since single-pixel GIFs can be colored or clear, the options are nearly limitless. Pop a few dots for yourself and see how it's done.

But this is just one of Grafman's groovy Net tools; MUTT Lite, his freeware Multi-User Domain (MUD) client for Windows, sports multiple connections, triggers, and scripts for campaigning in MUDs. In fact, MUTT Lite is hot enough to have inspired some third-party add-ons.

If your taste in other worlds also tends toward graphics, not text, then take a gander at VR World. Here Grafman keeps track of VRML tools, posting tables of features and screen shots to show how the products compare in their output. If you'd like to give your own VR browser a workout, try feeding it the virtual bunny.

There's still more to explore in these open vaults, which continue an admirable Internet tradition of freely shared tips and tools.

Grafman's a virtual hero. (6/5/96)"

Received The Stock Solution's Top Photo-Design Site of the Week award for 4/1/96.

The Stock Solution provides stock images for Netscape.

A quote from their award announcement:

"Our staff considers your site to be among the top five percent of the Web sites on the Internet in terms of quality design and content. We receive many requests each week to review sites for this award. However, most are lacking in quality, content and good design. Your site was an exception and we commend you on the effort that is gone into making your site a great place to visit!"

Received Virtual Page's Web of the Day award on December 21, 1995.

Virtual Page is German-language review of web pages.


Grafman's VR World

Conceived, created and maintained by Robert M. Free.

VR World is a page dedicated to 3D, VR and VRML on the web. It includes a review of NT-based VR tools and a number of VRML and 3D Java projects by Grafman.

Selected for SGI's VRML 2.0 Gallery.

A quote: "A cool example of the newly spec'd EAI. Using Java, this VRML world allows you to pose the skater any way you like".

Received LYCOS/Point's Top 5% of the Web award on February 9, 1996 (the day after Black Thursday).

VR World was rated by Point as being in the top 5% out of 19 million web pages in the Lycos catalog that day. VR World achieved this rating in all three of Point's rating categories: Content, Presentation and Experience.

Selected as a Paper Software Cool World.

Paper Software produces a 3D VRML browser, and has selected VR World as one of it's The Best VRML Sites On The Web.

Received Protein Man's Top 10 VRML Sites award.

Protein Man maintains a list of popular VRML sites.

Received a prominent mention and snapshot in the February 16, 1996 issue of Web Addict, featured in the daily cyberzine Web Review. This article featured 3D Web authors that were supporting Netscape's Live3D plugin.

A quote from the article, regarding "really good" Live3D moving worlds:

"A Superman-style cube floating in space with Java-animated rotating cube inside, by artist Robert M. Free. Also check out his art gallery".

VR World's Jameraude avatar was prominently featured in the July 28, 1996 issue of WWWiz's HTML Book Review.

A quote from Cye H. Waldman's review:

"The guest applet is a Live 3D (animated VRML) scene byRobert M. Free ofGrafman's VR World. This miniaturedoes not capture the full impact of theoriginal, so go over andtake a look at it. Robert has done some unique things with VRML that really separatehim from the crowd. He is truly a creative and prolific designer. While atGrafman's VR World don't miss theGuide to VR World Demoswhich I highly recommend."



Conceived, created and maintained by Robert M. Free.

MUTT's MUD List provides links and logon scripts to popular MUD sites.

Received Excite's 4 Cheers - Must See review award. Excite has reviewed 5 separate Grafman Productions web projects. The following is a excerpt of this review:

"We're assured that this is not just another MUD list. The multi-user dimensions on this site are all regularly available, provide reasonable response and allow online character creation. Interested MUD people can also stop by to download proprietary scripts for autologin and sample macro/hotkey/script/trigger settings."


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