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Grafman Productions encourages its artists and engineers to give back to the Internet community by creating non-commercial Internet entertainment, software, services and info that might be helpful to new users. This page includes some of the projects that Grafman has put together in his spare time.

Grafman's VR World

VR World -- Grafman's 3D Virtual Gallery and VR Snowman.
You'll need a VRML plugin to visit these VR Spaces.

[Internet Spec List]

The Internet Spec List -- Grafman's favorite Internet protocols and specifications.

[MUTT(tm) Lite] [MUTT(tm) Lite] [MUTT(tm) Lite] [MUTT(tm) Lite] [MUTT(tm) Lite] [MUTT(tm) Lite]

MUTT(tm) Lite -- a free, Windows-based MUD client that Grafman threw together just for grins. It features programmable triggers, hotkeys, multi-media support -- all in a single 32K executable. Read the user reviews.

[MUTT's MUD List]

MUTT's MUD List -- a collection of script files that provide automated login and command macros for selected MUDs -- for use with MUTT(tm).


Jameraude(tm) -- Grafman's early experiments with digital multi-media tools: a simple cartoon w/ music.

GIF*DOT(tm) -- Grafman's perl-based CGI form creates single pixel GIFs that can be used to enhance HTML formatting and to create HTML-based bar charts.

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