Grafman's Published Works

Grafman Productions has produced a number of web projects that have been published in various books. The following is a brief sampling of these books:

Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: 3D Graphics and VRML 2

The first section of Chapter 20 of this book is dedicated to describing dynamic VRML creation, and features Grafman's VR World as it's primary example.

This book also lists Grafman's VR World in its list of VRML content resources, stating: "They showcase various aspects of VRML not commonly used in day-to-day worlds."

IDG's VRML & 3D on the Web for Dummies

This book features a full page color glossy of Grafman's VR Gallery.

References to other Grafman VRML demos and resource are made on pages: 30, 40, 51, and pages 82-84.

Shuwa System's Hajimete no VRML

This is a Japanese-language VRML book that features a snapshot of Grafman's VR Skater, an animated Live3D avatar.

Elements of Web Design

"Top Web Designers Share Their Secrets and Strategies" ... "Grafman's VR World: Virtual Art hangs on walls of Graphcomp's vast VRML gallery".