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Excerpt from a MUD client reviewer (Ad Vissers)

- this is the FIRST, ONE and ONLY Mud client I've seen that does the scrolling right. I've (deliberately) loaded it up with text from the server until the output window was completely filled, and then scrolled back to confirm that it had been 'driven over the top'. All clients I've seen so far work with a form of screen clearing to avoid problems with what I think is CEditBox which can hold 64kB at max. Well done.

- the logging facility (which is just as unique) (IMO) correctly shows only the text received from the server. That enables nice well cleaned up log files.

- of course, Tinys are feared and loathed for people going on a description binge and writing a 1000-or-more-character piece of prose to describe a room. I kept on writing in the input window until I was unsure about whether I'd crash the server, and MUTT handled it all correctly. I think I wrote some 800 characters or so. This is extremely useful!

- it loads quick, and it's indeed very friendly on the system.

Contrary to any client I've seen (for windows) so far MUTT handles the disconnect perfectly.

I think it's too good to be freeware.


Excerpt from a MUD client reviewer (Jordan Sugarman)


This is a really impressive program. It has a few features that the others don't even come close to. First off, it has all the standard features that WW [WinWorlds] and MW [MudWin] have (mult. connections, scrollback buffering, logging, local echo on or off).

It's biggest feature, however, is the support for script files. This means you can program your own auto-login sequence and special commands for each individual MU**/MOO. Also, integral in the script compiler, are programmable hot-keys that can be linked to commands inside the script :)

This is very handy for me, as I play on the Battletech 3056 MUSE where battles take place in real-time. I would strongly reccomend this program as I find it runs faster than any of the others, and I haven't run into a single real bug yet. There are still some features to be implemented, but I have heard that the next version is forthcoming and will be much more feature-packed :)

Jordan "Jory" Sugarman

Excerpt from a MUD client reviewer (Eric Hutton)

MUTT: *** My pick **** Love it. Completely configurable, including exact sizing and boldness of fonts. Retains its position, finally. Recalls a number of addresses. Has the ability to use script files, in which you can include a number of goodies. Has the option to retain the last command entered, or not.

Nother good point is that it is small, which was the main goal of the creator.

Hawke on Infinity

From Jay Bernardoni

This is some great prgramming. It is faster and cleaner than several other clients I have tried like Z-Mud. I can hardly wait to see what Live is going to be like. Please drop me a line when it becomes completed. Great Job. I appreciate your efforts!

Jay M. Bernardoni USMC

From Kelly Powerll

I have been using Mutt for over a year now to "moo" with and love it ..better then ANY Of the 20 or more clients I have tried.

From Levi Wheatcroft

Mutt is great, I've been looking for a new client for ages, I spend most of my time on a 16bit computer with only 4 meg or something
Anyway, It's hard to find something to fit this bill. Mutt does, and it is also one of the fastest I've seen.

From: Marc Swartz

all i can say is bravo!! after spending an aggravating afternoon (and now evening) running thru ftp site after ftp site, and thru pc client after pc client, i finally found a mud client that is both up to date enough to function on a pentium 90 in win 3.11 !!!! all the others i came across either did not function or incorrectly functioned (yeah, boy, work that reset button), but mutt was near perfect from the start.
the program is excellent.

kudos to you!

major thanx from a formerly aggravated mudder

From: Stephen Allen

I have looked at a few more MUD clients and though they all have a few nice 'bits' there is nothing as (is dedicated the right word) to pure MUDDING as MUTT.

Others are filled with complicated menus and such. A few menus ok, but not for main action.

And one VERY important thing... the send/receive window ratios are perfect - keep 'em!

From: Kim Sosin

I'm a total newbie to MUD/MOO. Downloaded MUTT, unzipped it, hit open and put in the only address i had (Diversity U for a class in a couple of weeks) and I was there. It is great!

Kim Sosin, Department Chair, Dept of Economics, U of NE at Omaha

From: Michael Bielski (commenting on MUTT and MUTT's MUD List)

I liked not having to wade through ten pages of junk to get to your MUD list, and the fact that it was netscape based.

Your MUTT program is a little jewel for MUDs (the only telnetting I do). I have tried countless other telnet applications, but NONE of them support direct netscape linking with the shareware version. My most sincere thanks for yours doing just that.

I also jumped to almost every site on your list, and found them to be all active and very willing to accept a new MUD player like myself.


From: Gary Akins jr.

So far, MUTT is my MUCKing client of choice since it doesnt (a) crash on me constantly (like WinWorld), (b) require me to install Win32s extensions (or worse, Windoze 95!), or (c) have an annoyingly cluttered user interface (like PHOCA, which also loses points for having a nonresizeable window and for having half of its functions disabled until you register it...)

From Rod:

The only easily-configured easy-to use/learn MU* client I have seen for Windows YET!! I'm running MUTT-Lite in a P-100 with Win95. Installed without a hitch, connected to my favorite MU* without a complaint and it's wonderful. This program is too cool to freeware/shareware. There has to be a hitch.... :)

From: Darren S. Hebden

Lite is really great. I've seen quite a few windows mud clients and quite frankly, they are pap. They all look and feel like computer nerdware. As in they've got buttons for everything (including tea making :P) with absolutely no design skill. A real mess.

Lite is simple, if you want it to be. Usually (while I'm online) I figure out loads of little things I want to do with the scripts (and promptly forget to do). But if I want it to be a killer trigger-meister, it can be.

From: Steve McBurney

I am a computer programmer by trade, and an addicticted Diku-Mud fan by night (every night) - The only client program I have found I even like is your MUTT Lite.

From: Stephen Allen

MUTT Lite is the fastest/easiest client I've used so far, and I've been hunting down quite a few recently. It is very fast - it has an uncluttered display and impressive list of features [...].

From: Rachel

I love MUTT Lite, it's the only PC mud client that works smoothly... and for that I thank you most sincerely =).

I have the final beta version of Windows95, and MUTT works without a hitch.

From: David Johnson

Bob, you've got the best Winsock Mud client out there. I'm looking forward to your enhancements in live and elite. I'm especially interested in being able to make add-on extensions.

From: Javier Alegria

MUTT is awesome! I love it. It's the best mud client I've found. I use it for MOO's and a MUSE.

From: Jim

So far I like it allot... I FTPed all the clients I could find and it is the one I stuck with.

From: Mike

i recently downloaded and am very happy with it (particularly its scripting capability). it is refreshing to see this program as most other winsock MUD clients are bulky and riddled with bugs.

From: J Caris

I think it's great! (Well done BTW).

PS Thanks for including so much documentation! It's not often you find help like this with a free product.

From: Cris

I absolutly love MUTT Lite. I can't imagine anything better, so MUTT Live must be spectacular. I think you have done a wonderful job.

From: Frank de Bruin

I am heavy user of Mutt and Mutt is the best I've seen under Windows so far.

From: Tony Custer

I like the Lite version very much. Thank you for writing something so simple yet so powerful!

From: Bradley J B Bristow-Stagg

It's a great little program. MUTT Lite is _EXCELLENT_ Keep me posted and keep up the excellent work Bob!!

From: Nathan Palovcik (The Brain)

I've been using MUTT Lite for about a week now, and I have found it to be an excellent MU* client.

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