MUTT Lite™ - Multi-User Trival Terminal

Graphcomp first released MUTT Lite™ in 1994. It was the first Multi-User Domain (MUD) client for Windows™, and supports the following features:
  • Runs on every version of Windows™ from Win3.1 on up
  • Multi-threaded send/receive for better battle performance
  • C-like programmable scripting, hotkeys, cursorkey navigation
  • Triggerable sounds, video, pop-ups, 3rd party applications
  • Logging, path recording and drag&drop file quoting
  • Autodisplay pause, accelerated cut&paste features
  • Small binary footprint - less than 32K

You can download MUTT Lite™ for Free!

MUTT™ and MUTT Lite™ are trademarks of Graphcomp.
Windows™ is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.