Netscape's DDE Implementation
Version 0x00010000

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  • About this document
  • The NCAPI Secure Newsgroup for Windows
  • Document Conventions
  • Implementation Details
  • Topic (verb) Reference

  • About this document

    The SDI (Software Development Interface) is an API (Application Programming Interface) which is drafted by Spyglass, Inc.

    This document describes the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) implementation that the Netscape Navigator for Windows follows. All deviations, additions, and omissions from the Spyglass SDI draft will be noted in this document.

    In no way does this document supplant the Spyglass SDI draft. The sole intention of this document is to make known Netscape's DDE implementation for application programmers which desire to use a DDE SDI-like API with Netscape.

    This document assumes the reader has knowledge on how to implement a DDE application and/or understands DDE concepts and terminology.

    The NCAPI Secure Newsgroup for Windows

    A secure newsgroup for the Netscape Navigator for Windows NCAPI is available. If you have any need to discuss Windows NCAPI issues, please post your comments to the newsgroup.

    The URL for the newsgroup is snews://

    Document Conventions
  • All DDE topics will be shown in bold.
  • All optional variables in either the DDE item (arguments) or the DDE data (return value) are enclosed in braces [].
  • Variables listed are prefixed with type information. The types used are:
    A boolean value (an unquoted string being either TRUE or FALSE, or as binary data).
    A null terminated string of characters, unquoted.
    A double word (DWORD/unsigned long represented in an unquoted string, or as binary data).
    A null terminated quoted string of characters. Any quotes inside the quoted string should be escaped with the following string sequence: \"
  • Topic descriptions will follow this general format:
    Topic Name
  • Some topics are referred to as progress topics; these are topics with the word "Progress" in them.
  • Some topics are referred to as registration topics; these are topics with the word "Register" in them.
  • Some topics are referred to as option topics; these are topics with the word "Option" in them.

  • Implementation Details

    The DDE service name for Netscape is NETSCAPE.

    The current revision of Netscape's DDE API can be retrieved using WWW_Version. It is suggested that you make use of this topic in order to maintain compliance with Netscape's API.

    Any window identifiers (dwWindowID) that reference a Netscape window are not related to the way the Windows operating system performs window management. The value of all window identifiers addressing a specific Netscape window must have values returned by the Netscape DDE implementation.

    All parameter strings (DDE items) and return value strings (DDE data) should attempt to conform to the following:

  • All parameters/return values should be seperated by a comma ','.
  • There should be no whitespace following a ',' and the next parameter/return value.
  • There should be no whitespace following a parameter.
  • Optional parameters/return values left out should still insert a ',' denoting thier abscence.
  • Missing optional parameters at the end of the parameter string can choose to not append their seperating ','.
  • Not all return values (data) are strings, though all arguments (item) are. In general, any return value that has a single parameter will be in a binary representation of either 4 bytes for a double word (dw) or 2 bytes for a boolean (bl); strings will still be represented in null terminated string format. This applies to both the Netscape DDE server and any DDE servers which Netscape will expect return values from.

    The boolean data representation of TRUE should be 0x0001; FALSE should be 0x0000.

    If you haven't begun yet making a DDE application which communicates with Netscape, please take note that your application will have to be both a DDE server and a DDE client in order to use all of the DDE topics supported by Netscape. If you are interested in only being a DDE client, then do not use the topics which register your specified DDE service name for call back from within Netscape.

    As the above paragraph implies, your DDE enabled application does not have to implement the entire list of topics which Netscape supports. Only implement the subset which your application requires for faster results.

    If your application does make use of the register topics, then you must call the appropriate unregister topic to correctly unitialize with Netscape; failure of DDE servers called by Netscape which do not respond in a timely manner, cause Netscape to take actions internally which are not documented in this file.

    Topic Reference
    1. WWW_Activate
    2. WWW_Alert
    3. WWW_BeginProgress
    4. WWW_CancelProgress
    5. WWW_EndProgress
    6. WWW_Exit
    7. WWW_GetWindowInfo
    8. WWW_ListWindows
    9. WWW_MakingProgress
    10. WWW_OpenURL
    11. WWW_ParseAnchor
    12. WWW_QueryURLFile
    13. WWW_QueryViewer
    14. WWW_RegisterProtocol
    15. WWW_RegisterURLEcho
    16. WWW_RegisterViewer
    17. WWW_RegisterWindowChange
    18. WWW_SetProgressRange
    19. WWW_ShowFile
    20. WWW_UnRegisterProtocol
    21. WWW_UnRegisterURLEcho
    22. WWW_UnRegisterViewer
    23. WWW_UnRegisterWindowChange
    24. WWW_URLEcho
    25. WWW_Version
    26. WWW_ViewDocFile
    27. WWW_WindowChange

    WWW_Activate Topic Reference
    WWW_Alert Topic Reference
    WWW_BeginProgress Topic Reference
    WWW_CancelProgress Topic Reference
    WWW_EndProgress Topic Reference
    WWW_Exit Topic Reference
    WWW_GetWindowInfo Topic Reference
    WWW_ListWindows Topic Reference
    WWW_MakingProgress Topic Reference
    Topic Reference
    WWW_ParseAnchor Topic Reference
    WWW_QueryURLFile Topic Reference
    WWW_QueryViewer Topic Reference
    WWW_RegisterProtocol Topic Reference
    WWW_RegisterURLEcho Topic Reference
    WWW_RegisterViewer Topic Reference
    WWW_RegisterWindowChange Topic Reference
    WWW_SetProgressRange Topic Reference
    WWW_ShowFile Topic Reference
    WWW_UnRegisterProtocol Topic Reference
    WWW_UnRegisterURLEcho Topic Reference
    WWW_UnRegisterViewer Topic Reference
    WWW_UnRegisterWindowChange Topic Reference
    WWW_URLEcho Topic Reference
    WWW_Version Topic Reference
    WWW_ViewDocFile Topic Reference
    Topic Reference
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