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Unlike most Internet transport protocols, EMail does not have a single specification for getting and sending messages, but two: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Post Office Protocol (POP).

Other protocols are defined for managing electronic mailboxes: Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP), and still others for resolving mail addresses: Domain Name Service (DNS).

This page provides links to the various EMail-related RFCs.

Sending Mail

- Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) - RFC0821
- SMTP Message Size Extension - RFC1870
- EMail Content Types - RFC1049
- Multipurpose Internet Mail Extentions (MIME)

Message Packaging

- Multi-Part MIME - RFC2045

Getting Mail

- Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (POP3) - RFC1939
- Post Office Protocol - Version 2 (POP2) - RFC0937

Mail Address Resolution

- Domain Name Server - MX (DNS-MX) - RFC0974

Mailbox Administration

- Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4 (IMAP4) - RFC1730
- Internet Mail Access Protocol - Version 3 (IMAP3) - RFC1203
- IMAP4 Authentication - RFC1731

EMail Privacy

- Privacy Enhancement for Internet MAIL (PEM) - RFC1421
- PEM Certificate-based Key Management - RFC1422
- PEM Algorithms, Modes and Identifiers - RFC1423
- PEM Key Certification - RFC1424

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