Network Working Group                                          J. Postel
Request for Comments: 774                                            ISI
                                                            October 1980
Obsoletes: RFCs 766
Obsoletes: IENs, 118
                       Internet Protocol Handbook
                           Table of Contents
The internet family of protocols is replacing the old ARPANET protocols.
To this end an Internet Protocol Handbook will be prepared by the
Network Information Center.  This Handbook is tentatively planned to be
available at the end of 1980.  This Internet Protocol Handbook will
closely parallel the old ARPANET Protocol Handbook, and will primarily
be a collection of existing RFCs and IENs.
Attached is the current draft table of contents for the Internet
Protocol Handbook.  Any suggestions for additions should be sent to Jon
Postel (Postel@ISIF).
RFCs and IENs are public access document files and may be copied from
the Network Information Center online Library at SRI-KL via FTP using
the FTP user name ANONYMOUS and password GUEST.  The IENs have pathnames
of the form "<NETINFO>IEN-nnn.TXT", and the RFCs have pathnames of the
form "<NETINFO>RFCnnn.TXT", where "nnn" is replaced by the document
number.  [Note the inconsistency: IENs have a hyphen in the pathname,
RFCs don't.]
Postel                                                          [Page 1]

RFC 774 Internet Protocol Handbook Table of Contents Overview The Catenet Model for Internetworking IEN-48 Gateway Level Internet Protocol IEN-128 RFC760 Gateway Routing: An Implementation Specification IEN-30 How to Build a Gateway IEN-109 Gateway Monitoring Protocol IEN-131 CMCC Performance Measurement Message Formats IEN-157 Host Level User Datagram Protocol RFC768 Transmission Control Protocol IEN-129 RFC761 Multiplexing Protocol IEN-90 Application Level Time Server Protocol IEN-142 Name Server Protocol IEN-116 Trivial File Transfer Protocol IEN-133 Telnet Protocol IEN-148 RFC764 File Transfer Protocol IEN-149 RFC765 Mail Transfer Protocol RFC772 Internet Message Protocol IEN-113 RFC759 Postel [Page 2]
RFC 774 Internet Protocol Handbook Appendices Assigned Numbers RFC770 Address Mappings IEN-115 Document File Format Standards RFC678 Mail Header Format Standards RFC733 Postel [Page 3]

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