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Multi-User Domains

Multi-User Dungeon/Domain/Domicile/Dimension/Dialogue (MUD) come in numerous flavors and applications. Unlike Chat Groups which simply allow users to interact over the Internet, MUDs provide a state-based environment and context in which users can interact not only with each other, but with rooms, objects and animated computer agents.

While most MUDs are implemented as games, MUDs are applicable in any situation where a users need to interact with each other or a database in a way that requires state-based sessions.

- MudOS - A Portable MUD Server Operating System
- LPC - An Object-oriented, C-like MUD Language
- PennMUSH - A Portable MUSH Server
- Lambda MOO - Programmer's Manual

MUTT - Multi-User Trivial Terminal

- MUD Primer
- MUTT's MUD List
- MUTTER - A MUD Client Scripting Language
- MUTT - A Free Windows-based MUD Client

MUD References and Sources

- Center for Imaginary Environments (CIE)
- Tim Hollebeek's MudOS project
- LPMud server source
- Amberyl's MUSH Manual (MUSHMAN)
- MUD Servers

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